In memoriam Prof. Dr. med. P. Wust


S3-Leitlinie „Komplementärmedizin“ – Stellungnahme von Dr. Breitkreutz zur Bewertung hyperthermischer Verfahren

Die Stellungnahme vom 25. Mai 2022 können Sie sich hier herunterladen:


In 2022 we had to say goodbye


 In 2021 we had to say our final goodbyes to:

Arno Thaller,

where most doctors stop thinking, Arno's medical creativity began, to create new cures for cancer patients who had been deemed hopeless. With an excellent team, Arno has succeeded in prolonging the lives of patients and improving their quality of life, sometimes even curing them. What always moved Arno's mind was the concern for the sick person; Arno felt the biblical commandment to love one's neighbor deep inside - and lived by it. So nothing could stop Arno from developing his own methods, building his own laboratory, developing new therapeutic approaches, rethinking the conventional medical and regulatory guidelines from the ground up and mentally rebuilding them - with the sole aim of saving lives and to preserve.

Arno Thaller did not live for fame, money or recognition. Anyone who knew him could see immediately that being a doctor was more of a calling than a job, a deep-rooted urge to help people. This calling didn't end at the practice door. Arno used his creative power in many ways for his patients - as a skilled therapist and patient listener, but also as a combative character who fought against the high spirits of the authorities and the bureaucracy of the health insurance companies whenever there was an opportunity to do something right and right for his patients to win humanity. We will miss Arno and his creative power.

Hüseyin Sahinbas, on behalf of the German Society for Hyperthermia e.V.

Ralph Kleef,

has been my fellow student at the private university in Witten/Herdecke since 1984. We have known and respected each other for almost forty years. We were friends. Ralf was one of those personalities who stood out from the crowd and who, through diligence and charm, always succeeded in turning  ‘ahead-of-the-time thoughts’  into actions. He possessed a unique mind that he consistently used for many decades in his life's purpose: to help people heal and give them a chance to recover from their illnesses. It was always important to him not only to treat the patient's physical body, but also to have a calming effect on the mind and soul. His unexpected passing is an immense loss and tragedy for all who knew him and who benefited from his treatment methods.

Hüseyin Sahinbas, on behalf of the German Society for Hyperthermia e.V.



"Understanding and treating cancer holistically" - Integrative strategies for a new way of dealing with cancer - VHK-Verlag. ISBN: 9783867312523,

Dr. Henning Saupe (pls. note book will be in german)


Doctors' Tuesday - Legal webinars - Online trainings with Doctor F. Breitkreuz and Doctor H. Sahinbas 

Every first Tuesday of the month around 5 p.m., please ask Doctor Hüseyin Sahinbas for Zoom access data, thank you.

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It is a great pleasure and honor for us that our President Dr. Hüseyin Sahinbas was nominated for the German Medical Award.

Dr. Hüseyin Sahinbas presents his many years of scientific knowledge about and around hyperthermia as a trend-setting and future-oriented therapy option.

The prize will be awarded at MEDICA Düsseldorf on November 16th. There will be a live stream on the event's website (


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The app itself is available free of charge. Search in the app store for: "Natural Medicine Environmental Medicine" If you have any questions, Forum Medizin Verlag will be happy to help,


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Hyperthermia is a well-tolerated and effective method to enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy in the treatment of cancer. The capacitive hyperthermia described in this guide is a widely used, practical and inexpensive method for heating superficial and intermediate tumors. Under certain conditions, deeper tumors can also be reached. Capacitive and local hyperthermia systems were able to show evidence of the effectiveness of hyperthermia in various tumor diseases, such as head and neck cancer, chest wall recurrences, melanoma metastases, bone metastases and cervical cancer.

Further clinical studies are required to confirm and expand the range of indications. At the same time, capacitive hyperthermia should also be easier to plan and, as far as possible, technically refined. The information and tips from the very experienced Dr. H. Sahinbas is helpful for all users of capacitive hyperthermia. In terms of standardization, this guide is a good start. It can contribute to a better understanding and acceptance of capacitive hyperthermia.

(Professor Wust – Charité Berlin)


New GOÄ digits, hyperthermia on page 146:

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