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Dokumentarfilm - "Hyperthermie - die vierte Säule in der Onkologie" (Film in voller Länge)



"Understanding and treating cancer holistically" - Integrative strategies for a new way of dealing with cancer - VHK-Verlag. ISBN: 9783867312523,

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Every first Tuesday of the month around 5 p.m., please ask Doctor Hüseyin Sahinbas for Zoom access data, thank you.

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Hyperthermia is a well-tolerated and effective method to enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy in the treatment of cancer. The capacitive hyperthermia described in this guide is a widely used, practical and inexpensive method for heating superficial and intermediate tumors. Under certain conditions, deeper tumors can also be reached. Capacitive and local hyperthermia systems were able to show evidence of the effectiveness of hyperthermia in various tumor diseases, such as head and neck cancer, chest wall recurrences, melanoma metastases, bone metastases and cervical cancer.

Further clinical studies are required to confirm and expand the range of indications. At the same time, capacitive hyperthermia should also be easier to plan and, as far as possible, technically refined. The information and tips from the very experienced Dr. H. Sahinbas is helpful for all users of capacitive hyperthermia. In terms of standardization, this guide is a good start. It can contribute to a better understanding and acceptance of capacitive hyperthermia.

(Professor Wust – Charité Berlin)