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If you want to help with the task of further improving the treatment of cancer and chronic diseases, we recommend that you become a member of our society.


  • Direct influence on social goals

  • Participation in research tasks

Becoming a member is easy. Please send an application to our contact address. In order to enable as many interested parties as possible to join, we have a relatively low annual fee. We charge a reduced annual fee for those unemployed or students and in justified cases upon application.

Due to the non-profit character of the society, the membership fees can be deducted from the tax as special expenses.

Das Kompetenznetzwerk für Hyperthermie

membership fee


EUR 600,-

General Member

EUR 200,-

Inpatient clinic

EUR 500,-

Attorney / Law firm

EUR 100,-

Outpatient clinic

EUR 400,-


EUR 100,-

Hyperthermia user practice

EUR 300,-

Exempt from contributions (e.g. students)


On application

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